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Terms of Our Privacy Services

  • After accessing this website, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of use. All rules and regulations create taking care of applicable laws, and if you do not agree with any state of accessing the website, you restricted to access this website.

  • For us, the privacy of every single website visitor matters a lot. To cover up all required privacy objectives, we made a policy that informs you accurately about how to use, store, and disclose your personal information. Here is an overview of how we take care of your privacy:

  • We first define the purpose of collecting the data before or during the time we collect the same.

  • We store and secure the personal details of our users to accomplish the specified objectives, users' choice, or legal needs.

  • We only store personal information for a specific period. We need the same to fulfill our own goals.

  • We will keep informing our customers about our policies and practices related to the control and management of their information.

Our Privacy Rights Every End User Should Know

  • Every end-user should know your rights:

  • Right to know what type of personal information access, kind of activities performed on that.

  • User has the right to ask for correction or modification of information.

  • Right to delete your personal information by asking us for it.

  • End users have the right to put an object on processing personal data for any reason.

  • End-user has the right to ask us to send him a copy of the information provided by them while associating with the ProVirtualAssistants program.

  • We are always loyal towards running our business according to the principles mentioned above and ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of user information are protected.


The content available on the ProVirtualAssistants website is accurate, keeping in mind the accuracy and relevance of matter. Still, ProVirtualAssistants take no warranty for fitness, material for a particular purpose, or non-violation of intellectual property or other user rights.

Furthermore, we also do not take responsibility for the reliability, accuracy, and authenticity of our website's materials. Before taking action against any of the content available on our site, the user must verify for its correctness, understanding it his responsibility. We disclaim our liability for any harm caused after doing the same.

Content Available on Links

ProVirtualAssistants have no idea about all websites linked to its Internet website, and thus it does not take responsibility for the contents of such linked sites. Mentioning any link on our website does not mean our endorsement, and usage of these linked websites is at the user's own risk.

Modification of Website Terms of Use

ProVirtualAssistants may anytime change or make some updates in terms of use of any website anytime without prior notice. Therefore, users suggest keeping checking our terms of use on a timely basis. Using our site, we understand you agree with our terms of use.

Governing Law

Any claim or dispute raised on the Provirtual assistants' website will be governed by the Indian government's laws, without any conflicts of legal provisions.

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