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Virtual Assistant Plans

Our pricing is base on an hourly basis of $5.00 per hour. Also, you can contact us by filling up the below-given form, and we will surely get back to you in no time with attractive price quotations. The good news here is that you can begin with us by assigning trial tasks which will be completely free of charge. Since we believe in gradually establishing healthy relationships, the trial assignments will undoubtedly acquaint you with our services. In our Monday to Friday working schedule, you can delegate your tasks to us at any time of the day, as per your convenience.

We Included in All Plans:

Dedicated virtual assistant with whom you can interact closely and provides operational information and get timely updates.

Contact numbers with local area codes in U.S/Canada/New Zealand/U.K/Australia, where you can directly talk to your virtual assistant.

Get an unlimited international call facility to contact your assistant. Also, get an unlimited call facility on behalf of your company.

E-mailing and chat messaging (Skype) to further your communication with the virtual assistant.

​Your virtual assistant will be available from Monday to Friday at any time of the day as per your convenience.

Assign your tasks via phone, email, chat messenger, or using project tools.

Details Of Our Service:

You can choose your work hours based on full time ( 8 hours ), part-time ( 4 hours ), or even a short schedule ( 2 hours ).

Rate per hour depends on the above given hourly plan you would like to choose. The standard rate is $5.00 per hour.

Our payment options include credit cards as well as direct online transfers to bank accounts. If your mode of payment is not mentioned, you can certainly contact us, and we will help you with it.

Our services initiate after three working days from the sign-up date. However, we also provide you with an emergency or a quick start-up for which we don’t charge any extra amount.​

Your virtual assistant located in Mumbai, India, which is our primary delivery center.

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Virtual Assistant Plans

Short Term Plan

2Hrs / Per Day

One Week Plan

10hrs Per Week

$5 Per Hour

$50 Per Week

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Part Term Plan

4Hrs / Per Day

One Week Plan

20hrs Per Week

$5.00 Per Hr

$100 Per Week

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Full Term Plan

8Hrs / Per Day

One Week Plan

40hrs Per Week

$5.00 Per Hr

$200 Per Week

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