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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is like an independent contractor or a professional of office administration that operates from home, office, or any other space. In simple words, it can be said that they are self-employed professional that offers remote business support services such as creative, administrative, and technical from a remote location.

How a virtual assistant can be beneficial for me?

When you hire a virtual assistant, you can get various benefits. Includes saving on the expenses of full-time employee hiring. You will only have to pay if there is work for the virtual assistants. The best part is that there will be no involvement of any complicated paperwork during the hiring process. As a virtual assistant is an independent contractor, you don’t have to stress about the taxes and bookkeeping.

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

There are many typical office professional related tasks that a virtual assistant can perform with ease. These tasks include making travel arrangements for the organization, managing the email accounts, creating board reports, debt collection, scheduling appointments, and many more. All the things that are done by an office administrator can also be done through a virtual assistant. For all these works, you don’t have to hire an office assistant.

Do you provide an agreement for ensuring confidentiality?

Yes, we promise the confidentiality of the data and all other information that clients provide to the virtual assistants. It comes under our Service Agreement that is specially designed to protect your details and both the parties. Our virtual assistants follow all the norms and regulations for keeping confidentiality.

What are the working hours of the virtual assistants?

Usually, our virtual assistants work for office hours during the weekdays- Monday to Friday. These are the usual working time during which you can connect with the virtual assistants and get your office work done. But, there is flexibility in reaching the VA in case of any action or urgency. If you require any assistance on odd hours or weekends, we can arrange office support for you.

How can we share the files?

Our virtual assistants work on different applications such as Dropbox and Google Drive for file sharing. This helps us to work together in real-time with the clients on the same file or documents. We always use the safest mode of file sharing. It’s up to you what platform you want to share the data.

What are your payment options?

The payment option or mode depends on the requirement of the virtual assistants. In general, virtual assistants prefer a direct deposit into their account. Apart from this, another payment mode that you can choose is the credit card payment. The details of the refund will be given on the invoice.

How would you answer our phone calls?

Our virtual assistants answer the phone call professionally, like your office assistants. If you are busy, you can forward any number to the number so that your phone calls and voice calls don’t go unattended. The virtual assistants will talk like they’re in your office itself and talking to your clients.

What latest tools virtual assistants use to get the job done?

We use the latest technology and applications that are available online to work remotely. We are using the latest and useful apps that ensure incredible remote office administrative and technical works for communication and file sharing. If you want to use any other tool, then you can use it.

What’s your payment duration and terms?

The payment duration mainly depends on the virtual assistants how and when they want the payment. But, a usual payment term of our VA is within a week. After seven days, there can be a penalty or late charge. There are some forms of payment on which we all are working on it.


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